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One of the many ways we promote a healthy diet to young children is through our Subway School Lunch Order Program. The Subway School Lunch Order Program provides children with a variety of lunch pack options, including a healthy sandwich, a piece of fresh fruit and fruit juice or bottled water.

The Subway School Lunch order program can be custom designed to suit your schools needs. We will work with you to formulate one or more order forms that will cater for all your students. (See examples below). All the students orders are individually prepared, packaged and delivered to the school in boxes for each individual classroom. Each student will receive their complete order in a Subway bag with their name on it.

In addition to our School Lunch Program, we can also help your school with various types of fundraising and sponsorship activities, such as community benefit cards, catering vouchers for trivia and auction nights, encouragement awards, sports awards and much more. The best way we can help the school fundraiser would be through our Healthy School Lunch Program.

If we can assist with any questions regarding our School Lunch Program and any fundraising activities, please do not hesitate to contact us at a store nearest to you

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